35v to 60V input, 600W Output Dual-Phase Synchronous Converter with 97% Efficiency

This 600W wide voltage input dual phase power converter uses two emulated current-mode controllers 180 degrees out of phase to minimize input and output ripple current. Compared to conventional isolated power converters, this synchronous buck architecture provides a reduced footprint and BOM cost at higher levels of efficiency, greater than 97% over several operating conditions.

  • Two-phase buck converter
  • 600W output power
  • 35V to 60V maximum input voltage range
  • Output voltage of 12V at 50A
  • This reference design board is tested and supported with design files and an application note

Source: http://www.ti.com/tool/PMP7282?DCMP=pwr_lab_sm&HQS=pwr-lab-pmp7282