Three-phase Brushless Motor Drive

The three-phase brushless motor pre-driver DRV8308 can drive brushless DC and brushless AC (BLAC) - often referred to as permanent magnet synchronous (PMSM).  Aimed at 12V and 24V motors, this configurable pre-driver features an integrated digital speed loop with advanced commutation timing and control.

The DRV8308EVM (evaluation module) serves as a user-friendly evaluation kit to demonstrate TI's brushless motor driver DRV8308. Users can control the DRV8308 with the onboard MSP430 microcontroller.  The EVM is a high-performance, power-efficient, cost-effective platform that speeds development for quicker time to market.  Applications include pumps and industrial equipment, currency counters and printers.

  • DRV8308 8.5-32V, three phase BLDC pre-driver
  • MSP430 MCU onboard
  • Power stage based upon TI’s N-channel NexFETTM power MOSFETs
  • GUI for tuning
  • Supports 32V/.13A peak operating conditions